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Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery is located in the Rila Mountains at 30km from Blagoevgrad. Located about 117 km. south of Sofia and without doubt themost popular tourist site among all monasteries in Bulgaria equally for its size, natural surroundings, architecture, wall paintings and ancient history. Surrounded by small mountainous rivers Rilska and Drushlyavitsa is only 4 hours away from peak Malyovitsa. The highest peak on the Balkans - Musala (2925 m) is a little bit  further - 8 hours. The monastery offers a great view of the surrounding peaks of thecomplex represents a developed tourist destination with its souvenir shops and restaurants.



Narrow cobbled streets, unique architecture, various crafts and historic monuments welcome residents and guests of Blagoevgrad in the old district "Varosha". The district kept the waking spirit of the Renaissance in small stirred houses. "Varosha" is a walk from one art to another.

"Varosha" emerged in the XVII century at the foot of the Delvinskiya hill. During the XVII and XVIII century, the neighborhood has a Turkish appearance, and in the XVIII century is the only neighborhood with a Christian population, which consisted from 150-200 families. At that time, three bridges connect the neighborhood with the rest of the city, which lies across the river passing through Blagoevgrad Bistrica.From the other side of the river there was the bazaar and the Turkish part of town. During the Renaissance "Varosha" shelters the best teachers and cultural activists from the region who are actively involved in the revolutionary struggles of the Bulgarians.


History Museum

Regional History Museum - Blagoevgrad was founded in 1952 andhas an impressive structure with main departments "Archaeology", "Ethnography", "Bulgarian lands XV-th - beginning of XX-th century", "Modern and Contemporary History" "Nature," "art" as well asserving a laboratory for conservation and restoration, modern photolab and a library with more than 17,000 volumes of scientificliterature. It has a modern building that was built on permanent exhibition halls: the archeology, nature, Renaissance, ethnography, etc..



 Melnik is situated in a mountainous area in southwestern foot of the Pirin Mountain. In the town of Melnik river flows, a left tributary of the Struma. The Rozhen Monastery is 7 km away . For nature lovers there is a path which passes through the natural phenomenon of Melnik rocks. Melnik - city museum, city of history, the smallest town in Bulgaria ... Walk into town and it seemed like go back  in the past -picturesque houses with tiled roofs, narrow streets, stone paths and carts pulled by sad horses , transporting barrels of wine.


Rupite is one of those places in which nature is able to delight, inspire and pacify. The incredible beauty of this area situated in Southwestern Bulgaria is able to create in everyone a sense of balance and serenity. Rupite is a village in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Petrich, DistrictBlagoevgrad. In the area of ​​Rupite lived the prophetess Vanga.
In the southwestern foothills of “Kojuh” are the remains of the ancient city Petra, founded during the lastquarter of 4 BC. A Latin inscription found in 2002 from 308 years AD unambiguously proved that near the village of Rupite was located the ancient city of Herculaneum Sintica mentioned repeatedly by ancient authors.


Stob Pyramids

Natural phenomenon Stob Pyramids is another proof that theBulgarian nature does not give to foreign neither beauty, nor uniqueness . Stob Pyramids surpasses even the wonders of the world. The heavy rain, heat, cold and wind continue their sculptural work - some pyramids die, others are born. Pyramids are located 10km away from Blagoevgrad in the direction of the Rila Monastery.



Ruen Monastery

The monastery is situated in beautiful countryside near the Blagoevgrad, about 8 km. west of the international road Sofia -Tower, 2.5 km.  above the Skrino village - the birthplace of St. Ivan Rilski. Construction of the monastery began on the ruins of an old church in 1999. From there a picturesque path leads to the cave where the St. Ivan Rilski lived in a religious way. The monastery is one of the newest in Bulgaria. Preceptor issue religious literature and broadcast  first in our country  churc radio   "Zion." Following the example of retreat, visitors are not allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Sundays and holidays, visitors can hear the monastic choir during mass. 

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